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We provide professional soundproofing service

Why choose Amaz for soundproofing service?

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About Us

Sound barrier Kuwait specialized in architectural noise control, vibration control and acoustics, providing design and build service for commercial, Industrial and residential sectors. Since its formation, Sound barrier Kuwait has earned a reputation for technical due diligence and rigorous building standards. Employing the highest caliber of acoustical expertise, alongside a chartered construction management team and has the capacity to fulfill highly complex projects.

Commercial Soundproofing

We provide multiple product categories to mitigate the everyday noise levels in your workplace like soundproof panels and soundproof tiles for undisturbed commercial space. We offer the best blend of price and performance in soundproof panels. All our soundproofing services have stood the test of time. 



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Industrial Soundproofing

Our industrial soundproofing solutions include acoustic barriers, acoustic curtains, and vibration damping materials. We have other  several soundproofing options available, depending on the project. We also use  Industrial all weather Sound Panels, Quiet-Cloud Panels, Acoustiblok Baffle Systems, and Acoustifence to make your industry sound controlled.



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Residential Soundproofing

Our residential soundproofing is more of artistic excellence with fully incorporated interior design. Sound isolation is designed to protect one room’s noise from the next, or one neighbor’s noise from another. We help you soundproof walls, ceilings, and floors eliminating bleed-through noise.



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Our Services

Whether our clients need soundproof walls, ceilings, floors, or soundproofing for an entire room, our expert team can offer a fully integrated service which includes:

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Our experts will give you candid, honest advice about the most effective way to deal with your noise issue. Based on our knowledge of acoustics, building construction, materials, and installation processes, we will provide you with the most appropriate solution. We offer expert advice and the wide range of solution…

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Our design services will add value to your projects but can help you avoid acoustical defects and noise and vibration issues. We will not just apply noise reduction materials to your wall, ceiling or floor surfaces. Following a detailed survey of your home, we will design a bespoke solution that will ensure your…

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Our soundproofing services make sure to demonstrate acceptable levels of noise attenuation performance in all sectors. This includes both airborne (i.e. noise transmitted through the air, such as a conversation between people) and impacts noise (i.e. noise resulting from an impact on the surface, such as footsteps…

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Our installation teams are highly skilled and pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring you get the best possible result. Our service includes electrics, plastering, and carpentry to leave your home spotless once we have finished the job. We offer professional installations for sound control of walls, ceilings,…

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We use the latest approved, most efficient specialist soundproofing products to produce our range of systems. Our frame system is the most advanced, effective soundproofing system on the market, designed and developed exclusively by our own expert team. We supply all kinds of soundproofing materials to control sound…

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We undertake all types of the maintenance of soundproofing services and periodically test and analyses the data for the compliance check. We strive to excellence in creating a noise-free environment. We support to maintaining the control of noise for restaurants, hospitals, sound recording studio, auditorium and…

Here is how our process works

Our Process

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